Monday, January 30, 2017

Experiment #4 - "Mad House"

The only time I remember being this scared was when I was little and I thought I lost my mother in the fairgrounds at an amusement park. She left me  outside the womens' restroom while she went inside to clean up. It was one of those days where it was so hot it felt like you were swimming through the heat to get anywhere; it was still a beautiful day. The sun was shinning, and it touch every part of the park. There was a light breeze that washed over our skin as the sun melted away at our energy to be outside. We kept going though, my mother wanted me to have a good time. I guess I had wandered off to far when my mother had gone into the bathroom. I was five... maybe six, I wanted to explore that is all I knew. Everything above me felt like it was in a different universe, and so far away. These giants walking around me with their strollers and massive purses were so much... bigger than me. None of their faces looked familiar. I lost my mother. She was no where to be found. I was so scared, I began to cry. Tears ran down my face quietly as I tried to retrace my steps back to the bathroom but I could not remember. "I passed by that, and that, and that... mommy...?" 

I felt that same rush of fear in this moment as I opened my eyes to more black. This last thing I remember hearing with a soft clicking noise coming from the corner of my bedroom where I last was. Tick-tick-tick, it stopped, tick-tick-tick, tick-tick-  I slowly slipped into a deep sleep. I woke up in a black room. The stench of rotting flesh filled my nostrils. I could only imagine where that smeEvery corner and crack was sealed so no light would come through. I don't even think there's any windows in here. I moved my head slowly... it hurt so much. My muscles were working so hard for nothing since I knew everywhere I tried looking would be met with more black.. and more black.. black, black, black. I felt blood fill my mouth as I opened my mouth to yell for help. I coughed, and spat out some blood next to me. I tried lifting my head from the floor but couldn't, my body felt so heavy it dropped down to the floor with a heavy thud. I couldn't move and I didn't know why. I tried sliding my arm underneath me to push myself up. Every time I tried my arm....


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